Frequently Asked Questions

Questions posed to us.
1How can i know whether or not my lenses are the original Maxicanal or MaxicanalPlus?
The original cards are available in both brand and you will see examples of the following cards, please request them from your opticians! Every patented product, as well as the MaxiCanal and MaxiCanalPlus optical lens has its own logo. Logos, such as on progressive lenses, are written with the laser. It is written "max" on our MaxiCanal lenses and "mxp" on our MaxiCanalPlus lenses.
2Where should i go for when there is a problem with the MaxiCanal, MaxiCanalPlus or MaxiUno lenses i have purchased?
You can contact us via our dealers or directly writing an e-mail to
3How much do your products cost and how can i get more information about your products?
Our dealers and opticians have all kinds knoledge of information that you need. Please contact via their link.
4What is Permanent Glasses?
They are glasses prepared to fix one or more visual impairment such as Nearsightedness (Myopia), Farsightedness (Hyperopia), or distorted and/or blurry vision (Astigmatism), and should be worn constantly.
5What is Near Glasses? How old do we start to wear?
They are glasses designed to fix the reading problems resulting generally at the age 35 years old or over, as a result of the loss of flexibility on the eye lens, as the age grows and, must be used from the age of 30 depending on the person.
6How can i know i should wear Near (reading) glasses?
Especially, if you find it difficult to see near objects which are 40-45 cm away from you or if you feel the need to keep the objects away from you when reading a book or newspaper, you are Presbyopic and you need to wear Near(reading) glasses.
7I wear both distant and near glasses seperately. They are not very practical. What do you recommend?
The difficulty of carrying and wearing two separate glasses has created the need to fulfill both functions together. Wearing bifocal or progressive glasses is the ideal solution.
8What is the difference between progressive and single focal glasses?
Single focal glasses have only one functions like reading or seeing far zones. It is processed the same diopter on the entire surface. Therefore, they fulfill only one function. Progressive lenses should be preferred due to its special design which make the near and far zone function posibble together in one lens and because it provides long lasting comfort for daily use.
9What is Bifocal Glasses?
They are the oldest known multi-functional glasses. They are the glasses without the diopter transitions applied far and near diopters to a single-pane lens.
10What is the difference between progressive and bifocal glasses?
Both of them are multifocal functioned glasses. Because the bifocals are not aesthetic, today progressive glasses take place because they have smooth transitions between the zones spread on the lens. As well as the aesthetic care, because of its smooth transitional function they ease the use of glasses. Due to its technology, bifocal glasses has only dual function. There is no middle field vision. But, progressive lenses are superior than bifocal lenses due to the transitive diopter technology. All distances provides clear vision from near to distant field.
11What is Progressive Lens?
They are called as Multifocal, Varilux or Multi-Oriented Lenses. They are technologies developed to wear multifocal. Because tha far and near diopters are processed from top to bottom they allow people wear for all the distances from near visual fields to distant visual fields.
12What are the progressive lens production technologies?
Standard (conventional), and Custom (FreeForm technology) is available in two different segments of production.
13What is the difference between traditional technology and the FreeForm technology in the production of Progressive lenses?
Standard production parameters are used like in the traditional production technique. There are multiple production. FreeForm is a personalized manufacturing technique. They are more functional and comfortable due to the production of Exlusively to the Person by taking into consideration the values (PD., vertex distance, Pandoscopic angle, etc.) and intensity of use.
14I wear progressive glasses for the first time. I think I do not see clearly while reading or looking left and right. What should i do?
All the first time progressive lens wearers need 2 or 3 week time adoptation period. Pupila measurements and markings must be made correctly. To avoid this problem, make sure your optician has adequate equipment and license. Today in opticianry associate's degree level trained professional staff should be preferred.
15How can i protect my eyes, not to use glasses when grow older?
As well as the dietary vitamin A is important for the health of the eye. It has got protective effect when the eye defects are not genetic. It may be helpful to wear highly UV protective sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sunlight. UV rays affect mostly the eyes in our body and children between 0-5 years of age suffers the most. We must protect oue eyes intensely at those young ages. Long-term computer use and reading, without a break can be a harmful, too.
16Why are Progressive lenses so expensive compared to single focus lenses ?
The cost is higher than the single-focus lenses as they are manufactured exclusively to the person and has a long time process period.
17Some of the lenses get darker outside itself. How do these lenses get darker like this?
Polymers in the coating processed into the surface of the of the lens get darker when reacts with the UV rays. In contrast to known, In the high temperature (above 35°C) and under the intense sunlight they get less dark. In the colder and claudy weather they get more and more darker. Especially, the gray colored lens get darker up to black tone.
18How can clean the lenses of my glass the most accurate way?
The most ideal cleaning is with warm water and soft, lint-free microfiber cleaning cloths. Especially for high-coated optical lens, chemical cleaning agents mustn't be used. You can use 6.00ph valued liquid soap or baby shampoos for Intensively lubricated and contaminated lenses. After plenty of foam, you can rinse with warm water and then dry and clean with soft microfiber cloth.
19What can be the potential problems people that wear progressive glasses for the first time?
The first time progressive glasses wearers must be informed about the structure of these kind of lenses and must be told the need of time for the adoptation. In addition, They must be warned that when looking at near field they should move their heads upwards and when looking at distant field they shouln't move their heads on the downward direction. Another thing the wearers must be warned is the fact that when the addition value (the difference between the values of the distant prescription and the reading prescription) is high the time for the adoptation period gets longer. Increasing the reading addition value, the change in the design of the lens requires a new duration of adoptation.
20Can progressive lenses be applied to every frame?
The frame which the progressive lens is to be fitted must be chosen carefully. In this regard, the suggestion of your opticians is important for the visual comfort of the glasses.
21I have progressive glasses made. I wonder if they have made glasses correctly and I got measured to 3 different opticians separately and got individually different measured values. Have the lenses been put correctly or not?
Progressive glasses are produced individually exclusively for the person according to the prescribed values. If the focusing was made correctly and if there is no problem in your view you can use them comfortably. When it comes to the difference of values; the optical measurement device called facometer can show deviation of 0.25 diopter value due to the environment that it is mounted and to external light reflections. This does not mean they were measured wrong.
22I have bought progressive glasses. Opticians said that the lenes were the best. But, while reading glasses are not as comfortable as Near visual glasses. Why?
Even though progressive glasses with the last technology can expand the distant visual field, they provide 10 per cent more reading field compared to the standard near viewing progressive glasses due to their design It can be read only 4-5 words in the same line even with the perfect progresive lensed glasses.